3 Benefits of Joining oSTEM

1. Highly Valuable General Meetings

After our first general meeting, we have ten general meetings over the course of the semester every week featuring:

  • in the Fall and Spring, five recruitment presentations from representatives of confirmed 100.0%-rated LGBTQ-affirming companies
  • in the Fall and Spring, four book club meetings for students to meet, discuss, and socialize with each other
  • in the Fall, a workshop from the directors of the TAMU LGBTQ+ Pride Center
  • in the Spring, a professor panel, made up of LGBTQ faculty at A&M, speaking and giving advice about being out in the workplace/academia.

We structure the meetings so that you can choose between attending professional events, attending social/educational events, and/or do both. The choice is yours! Take a look at our meeting schedule.

Due to COVID-19, all meetings are being hosted over Zoom, and Zoom links will be posted on the Discord.

2. A Discord to meet and socialize in

We’ve ditched GroupMe in favor of Discord, a free messaging platform geared towards community discussion and announcements. It’s the 21st century’s midpoint between formal emails and texting in one massive groupchat. In the Discord server, there are separate channels for separate topics. Our Discord channels are for:

  • Meeting Announcements
  • Professional Promotions
  • Resumé Drop Instructions
  • Book Club Discussion
  • General topic channels about:
    • art & music
    • sports & wellness
    • gaming & fun

Because of COVID-19, Discord is our primary form of communicating and meeting this Spring 2021. We have engineered our Discord to be as welcoming and intuitive to use as possible for all newcomers!

3. Multiple Annual All-Expenses-Paid-For National Conferences

Every year, we send as many of our members as we can to the National oSTEM Conference in late November and the O4U Conference(s) in September & October. These conferences are massive opportunities to network and meet LGBTQ people like you, with jobs. They want to hire you and all you have to do is show up with a resumé, suit, and your best attitude! Admittance, flights, booking, and all travel expenses are entirely funded and paid for by the oSTEM National Organization and Texas A&M University!

What are you waiting for?