Academic Partners

We are proud to have regularly hosted a number of out queer Texas A&M faculty members at our TAMU LGBTQ Professor Panels to speak on coming out in academia and to share their life experiences. Past panels have included:

Dr. Isaac Sabat (Psychology)

Dr. Karan Watson (Electrical Engineering)

Dr. Justin Moscarello (Neuroscience)

Dr. Kris May (English)

Dr. Jesse O’Rear (Performance Studies)

Dr. Sara Raven (Science Education)

Dr. Daniel Humphrey (Film Studies)

Dr. Matthew Sheldon (Chemistry / Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr. Alicia Harper (Mathematics)

Dr. Nathanael Rosenheim (Urban Planning)

Dr. Michael Moore (Computer Science)

Dr. Yasha Hartberg (Biomedical Sciences)

We are always looking to host more of these panels. If you are a professor interested in joining an one-and-a-half-hour panel to talk about coming out in academia, or if you’d like to host a seminar/presentation to students on any LGBTQ-oriented research, please get in touch with our Faculty Relations Chair at