Academic Partners

We are proud to have hosted a number of Texas A&M faculty at our annual TAMU LGBTQ Professor Panels so they can speak on coming out in academia and share their experiences in the professional and academic spheres. We are always looking for more of these opportunities. Past panels have included:

Dr. Isaac Sabat

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Founder of the PRIDE Lab

Dr. Justin Moscarello

  • Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Dr. Alicia H.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Matthew Sheldon

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Sara R.

  • Assistant Professor of Science Education

If you are interested in joining an one to one-and-a-half-hour panel to talk about coming out in STEM, or if you’d like to host a presentation to students on any LGBTQ-oriented research, please reach out to