Industry Partners

In order to recruit from oSTEM at Texas A&M, we require industry partners and companies to have scored a 100.0% on the latest annual Human Right Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (HRC CEI), the gold standard measurement of LGBTQ inclusion in a workplace.

“Talking to Accenture reps through oSTEM was the key to getting my first paid internship with them in the summer of 2017!”

Kasii Cerda, she/her, Mechanical Engineer c/o 2018

“I’m so grateful to oSTEM for connecting me to multiple amazing recruiters who placed me into two consecutive co-ops at The Aerospace Company and Boeing in the summer and fall of 2020!”

Celest Villagran, she/her, Aerospace Engineer c/o 2021

“I wish we had oSTEM at A&M back in the ’90s. oSTEM is a fantastic organization to work with and I’m so happy to see these kids realize their dreams!”

Steve Riley, he/him, Deputy Chief of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at NASA and Mechanical Engineer c/o 1996, Texas A&M University

Our List of Industry Partners:

Nokia Inc., October 2020
Jacobs Engineering, September 2020
Accenture – November 2018 November 2019, September 2020
Johnson Space Center @ NASA – February 2019, February 2020
Chevron – September 2017
Black & Veatch, February 2021
Pariveda Solutions, October 2020
BASF – November 2017
Celanese – November 2020
Southwest Airlines – April 2019
We co-founded TAMU’s very first LGBTQ Career Networking Night with the Aggie Pride Network and the TAMU Career Center – April 2017

For Recruiters

We are always looking for exciting opportunities for companies with proven pro-LGBTQ records (a 100.0% HRC CEI score required) and LGTBQ ERGs to present to oSTEM @ TAMU. We offer both specific and general benefits to presenters and recruiters who can share their information to oSTEM members.

Specific Benefits:

When you agree to present to oSTEM at TAMU, you’ll receive our folder of top-notch resumes from a diverse group of STEM students ready to fill your organization’s needs and roles. If you specify what majors you’re looking for and the roles you need filled, we’ll find and contact the relevant members to prepare specific & knowledgable questions about the roles in question before the meeting.

Generalized Benefits:
  • Our cohort wants to work for progressive, pro LGBTQ companies and organizations – i.e., we’re looking for employers like you
  • Our cohort is filled with high-achieving engineers, scientists, and data whizzes – i.e. you’d want us as your employees for our hard skills
  • We regularly have diversity workshops, panels on workplace communication, and leadership development courses i.e., you’d want us as your employees for our soft skills too

Please get in touch with Daniel at and ask for our Corporate Engagement Packet.