Do I have to be “out” to join “Out in STEM”?

No – only as long as you are “out” to yourself. Coming out to others is a lifelong process. You are welcome to join oSTEM at any stage in your journey. If you are beginning to come out, here you can seek advice. If you’ve come out to many people over many years, here you can dispense it.

Are there dues I have to pay?

Members are asked (but not required) to contribute $15 USD as an entrance fee to cover simple costs, such as the cost of hosting this website, sending bulk emails, and advertising on campus and social media. We understand financial difficulty and we do not track or link entrance fee payments to your participation in oSTEM.

How do you confirm a recruiting company is LGBTQ-affirming?

We will only ever contact and invite recruiters/representatives from companies that score a minimum 100.0% rating on the latest Human Rights Campaign‘s Corporate Equality Index.

Do I have to be a STEM major to join oSTEM?

Contrary to our name, anyone of any major can join oSTEM. You might not find some of the posted company recruiting and career advice very helpful to you, but we are always trying to build community for LGBTQ students at Texas A&M.

Do I have to be LGBTQ to join oSTEM?

No, but if you are straight, cisgender, and not questioning, we respectfully ask you to reconsider joining oSTEM. This is a safe space for a specific marginalized community and there are plenty of other professional STEM organizations on Texas A&M’s campus that you can join. You can also join Aggie Allies.

What is a resumé drop?

oSTEM provides a resumé drop service for undergraduates and graduate students seeking immediate employment after graduating. We collect your resumes into a secure folder, and then when requested, we privately share these resumés with companies who present to / network with / recruit from us. Submit your resumé with the instructions found at the #resume-drop-instructions channel on the Slack.

Where else can I find safe spaces on campus?

Yes!! There are so many diverse options!

Social orgs for LGBTQ / women / POC / activism: Queer Aggies, Transcend, the Queer Grad Group, F.L.A.K.E., MUA Ags, the LGBT Pride Center, F.R.E.E., F4A, TAMU YDSA, CMSA.

Professional orgs for women & POC: SWE, SHPE, SASE, NSBE, MAES, SWISE, SEC.

Isn’t the word “queer” problematic?

Within the past 30 years of American activism, the word “queer” has been widely accepted to have been linguistically reclaimed by a new generation of LGBTQ youth.

Is this space only for students at TAMU-College Station?

All Aggies from any Texas A&M campus are welcome! However, if you are a non-College Station TAMU student and want to create your own chapter at your own university, please reach out to us and click here for information on how to set up an oSTEM chapter.

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