Intro to Queer Theory

A recommendation list of introductory texts.

Taken from the syllabus of Critical Queer Studies by Professor Margot Weiss (Wesleyan). Idea from oSTEM @ Brown. You can find these at Evans Library or through the TAMU Library Catalog.

  1. Chapter 3, A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory, Nikki Sullivan, 2003
  2. Queer Theory: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities, differences, Teresa de Lauretis, 1991
  3. Introduction, Fear of a Queer Planet, Michael Warner, 1993
  4. Queer and Now, Tendencies, Eve Sedgwick, 1993
  5. Critically Queer, Bodies that Matter, Judith Butler, 1993
  6. Thinking Sex, LGBT Reader, Gayle Rubin, 1984
  7. History of Sexuality, vol. 1, Michel Foucault, 1976